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Dear Students,

As Foreign Languages and English Preparatory School, we would like to share something really exciting that’s happening in our school!

We are proud to announce that in June, we were awarded a stamp of excellence by one of the most well-known educational organizations in the United Kingdom, Pearson.

 What does this mean?

- Firstly, you are studying at Modern Languages Division which delivers its promise of delivering great language education.

- Secondly, as a student of this institution you are entitled to an internationally recognized, quality assurance certificate.

 What is being offered?

Once you have successfully passed your course, you can obtain an internationally recognized certificate for a reasonable fee!! The certificates will be issued by the Edexcel Office in United Kingdom and will include your name and the course you have passed.  The course and language level stated on the certificate is aligned to the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.

 Can everyone receive the certificate?

To receive the certificate you must pass your course (e.g. ENGL171, ENGL192, GERM111, etc.) at the end of each semester. This means you can receive a certificate EACH TIME you pass a course.

 How will I benefit from this certificate?

You can benefit from this certificate in job applications or any other overseas applications as it is a certificate of achievement.

 How much will the certificate cost?

The cost of the certificates will be determined based on the number of the applications. You are required to pay 10 pounds deposit for the pre-registration process.

 How can I apply?

If you are interested in getting an EDEXCEL certificate, please fill in the following form by 5th December and submit it to the MLD secretary.

Click the following to find out about the updated payment details. PAYMENT DETAILS

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